Materials and technologies

Advanced reductive and oxidative technologies


One of the key research activities solved within the project is development of advanced iron based (nano)materials and their application in the field of reductive and oxidative water treatment technologies. For usage in reductive technologies are developed and optimized (nano)materials based on zero-valent iron (ZVI), which are suitable for effective degradation of wide range of inorganic (e.g., As, Ba, Cr, Cu, Se, U, Ni, etc.) as well as organic (e.g., polychlorinated hydrocarbons, BTEX, pesticides, etc.) pollutants mainly from groundwater and soils. For oxidative technologies are developed materials based on iron in high valence state (ferrates – Fe(IV, V,VI)), which are suitable for effective degradation of inorganic (e.g., As, U, Zn, Cu, Ni, cyanides, phosphates, sulphates, etc.), organic (e.g., hormones, pesticides, pharmaceutical compounds, etc.), and biological pollutants (e.g., cyanobacteria) especially for treatment of surface and drinking water.

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Advanced filtration and antimicrobal technologies


Advanced filtration technologies use filtration materials functionalized with a variety of nanoparticles. Such composite filters combine properties and advantages of both of the used materials. With respect to the filter application it is more than advantageous to connect a suitable filtration material with either nanoscale zerovalent iron (NZVI) particles, silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) or their combinations. NZVI particles exhibit specific properties and as such can be used for the degradation of numerous inorganic (e.g. As, Ba, Cr, Cu, Se, U, Ni) and organic (e.g. polychlorinated hydrocarbons, BTEX, pesticides) pollutants. Thus, the composite filtration material with immobilized NZVI particles can ensure degrading of a variety of pollutants already in the course of the performed filtration. On contrary, AgNPs are well known due to their antimicrobial properties. If covalently bonded on a suitable filtration material, they are responsible for antifouling action due to the performed antimicrobial effect. This action can prolong lifetime of the filtration material without the threat of the AgNPs release into the filtration media.

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Biotechnologie (Kompostování kontaminovaných zemin)


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Materiály na bázi nanočástic železa

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